3.5 billion years old.  Explored for one brief second in time and just as quickly abandoned.

 Rebelling against government directed aggression and bound by a pact of nonviolence,
 Jake Starnes and the Council build paradise where none thought to look.  Ruthless eyes
 now turn toward the heavens, forcing the citizens of Luna into conflict.  How do you
 dictate the terms of war without harming those who seek to harm you?  Come inside for
 a look at ingenuity on a planetary scale!

 LUNA demonstrates that mankind can rise above its base tendencies and act as an example
 to accomplishment by intellect rather than brute force.  The leadership of Luna embraces a
 brilliantly creative philosophy of nonviolence in bringing Earth's military might to a halt;
 waging the most humane offensive action ever seen in the history of mankind in a quest
 towards peaceful sovereignty.

 Savant intelligence copes with drama on an epic scale with a twist of  romance, intimacy,
 and love.  Featuring a new look at sci-fi adventure and conflict on Earth's cratered and
 lava scorched moon.  The lure of fabulous mineral wealth combines with secrets of
 longevity strong enough to lure those in power toward a brutal and merciless conclusion.

                   Copyright 2012 © J. Carl Hudson.  All rights reserved